Preparing for a month Myanmar

Almost time to go

Only seven days to go and then we will finally cross the border from Thailand to Myanmar. We are so extremely excited! We will stay in Myanmar the full -legal- length: 28 days! I've been in Myanmar before, about 8 years ago, but only for six days and with a broken heart. Despite that, my time in Myanmar was definitely the highlight of my solo travels. I've always promised myself to return (with a steady love) and spent much more time in this amazing country.
Soulmate Klaas was also very ready to discover Myanmar and decided to empty his agenda for -hell yeah- five weeks.
We will explore Myanmar for a whole month and finish the trip in the coolest city on earth: Bangkok (fooooood!!!)

About 3 months ago we started to prepare for the journey. Tripadvisor, Thorntree and Google became our best digital friends. Thanks to so many great reports from travellers who posted their adventures, feelings, tips & tricks online, we were able to prepare and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. We have to be prepared since Myanmare is flooded with tourists these days. With a limited amount of rooms available and travelling in peak season, we decided to book our flights and guesthouses in advance. Not very adventurous maybe, but wise instead.

Things change rapidly in Myanmar and although we've read quite a bit, we've no idea what to expect. Anyway, our iPad is totally fine-tuned with all the latest blog apps (I love Blogsy) so we will be able to let all of you readers enjoy Myanmar too, although (fast) wifi will be a challenge! If you are interested how our itinerary for the next 5 weeks looks like, click here (Klaas is a big fan of excel :-)


Traveller facts: I like to thank some Tripadvisor contributors who wrote such a lovely reports that helped us enormously with our itinerary and preparations in all kind of ways: Silverswimmer, Susie StAustin and Lissie45. A deep bow for you guys! Because of you, we could make our own travel guide. I tried to avoid buying a Lonely Planet but in the end I could not resist doing so, because of all the practical maps. Although the rest of the bible -which is only one year old- is already totally outdated unfortunately. Keep that in mind when you buy it.